HOLOSCENES @ The Ringling Waterfront Park, Sarasota. FL March 25th-28th, 2015

Following a successful presentation in Toronto

HOLOSCENES will be presented in the open air on The Ringling’s waterfront, the performance site itself — predicted to be underwater by the close of this century — plays an integral role in a visceral and involving engagement with vulnerability.

For the past ten years, the imagery of human figures at the mercy of surging waters has prompted conceptual artist Lars Jan to explore our baffling response to the devastating effects of climate change.  It is the anticipation of catastrophe that informs Holoscenes, an exploration of our capacity for empathy and long-term thinking that presents movement art in a large aquarium wherein the performers are threatened and engulfed by rising waters. 

Price: Free

Presented on the Bolger Campiello, performances will be ongoing, 12:00 PM until closing for more information visit: https://www.ringling.org/events/holoscenes