At the core of HOLOSCENES is a semi-open source research initiative that will collect everyday behaviors from around the world. Everyday behaviors are therapeutic, repeated actions practiced alone. These behaviors can be sacred or secular. For example: shaving, trimming flowers, making tea, practicing Tai Chi, writing, running, washing dishes, drumming, flying a kite. Through repetition, these everyday behaviors performed in aquariums flooded and flooding will conjure past and coming environmental tragedies, gaining a poetry of motion as individual portraits of adaptation and persistence, as well as catastrophe.

This gathering process recognizes the indiscriminate impact of global climate change on all geography and human culture; de-prioritizes catastrophic events as a lens through which to view distant locations; and alludes to the colonialist capture and representation of specimens (both animal and man) for imperial menageries, cabinets of curiosity, zoos, aquariums, natural history diorama, and other public entertainments. We embrace the complicated and problematic nature of this process because we believe working on a global scale – across national, cultural and linguistic barriers– is inherently imperfect and yet necessary to build new kinds of communities addressing issues of this urgency and magnitude.  


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