The aquarium fills and drains with water at varying speeds, while the performer inside struggles to complete choreography based on documentation of everyday behaviors collected from across the globe. As water fills the tank at varying speeds, the performer swims to the top for air and then dive below to carry on. As the water drains, the performer continues, soaked by these mini-floods that soon will rise again.

A custom-designed hydraulic system responds to real-time, global environmental data, determining the variable — and occasionally violent — water patterns coursing through the aquariums.

Lasting from eight to twenty-four hours a day over several days, accessible to both invited viewers and unsuspecting passers by,  HOLOSCENES transcends mere event-status, occupying urban public space as a metaphoric, visual statement seeking to inspire an uncanny awakening in the minds of audiences, transforming the “popular attraction” into a meditation on the complex systems only illusorily beyond our control, and responsibility.



A remarkable run of devastating floods in Columbia, Australia, New Jersey, India, Malaysia, Central Europe, Ethiopia, Benin, West Africa, Brazil, Northern Pakistan, Indonesia, Canada, Korea, Sumatra, Angola, Thailand, Japan, the Maldives, China,  Nigeria, and other countries, have lost the veil of aberration and instead have assumed the mantle of the norm.

These, and coming floods, are the inspiration for HOLOSCENES and the global nature of this collaboration.